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  1. Good afternoon
    I have been trying some time to get hold of head of purchasing, but unable to.
    Though lockdown, I am contactable to discuss the brands I have importing and distributions rights for in Southern Africa. Risoli Cookware, Sanelli Knives and utensils, Casabugatti, Scool.
    Sufficient stock on hand for next 3-5 months on most lines.
    For the online store, we can proceed to load all and sell during lockdown, to deliver afterwards.
    I will offer Lockdown promotions as well.
    One line which I highly recommend, is the induction adaptor from Risoli. We also just received an outdoor braai range.
    Look forward hearing back from you.

  2. Hi, can you possibly organise order of just magimix bowl? Its for magimix 3000 cuisine systeme model. Lid broke and the piece that activates safety chipped off. Now machine can’t be switched on

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