Le Creuset 12 Cup Bun Tray 40CM 1

Le Creuset 12 Cup Bun Tray 40CM

Le Creuset Loaf Tin 1

Le Creuset Loaf Tin 29cm 2LB

Le Creuset Quiche/Flan Tin 32cm

This clever, fluted-edge tin has a removable base which makes removing and serving pastry-based tarts, flans and quiches easy and without risk of the pastry case breaking. Ideal for sweet and savoury recipes, the excellent heat-spread quality of this tin means your pastry will cook to perfection. The wide rim on the outside of the tin, featuring heat-resistant silicone inserts for added grip, makes lifting a full tin easier and safer, especially when taking to and from a hot oven.
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Metal utensil safe - see Care and Use Instructions for details. Not suitable in the dishwasher. Not suitable under the grill. External dimensions (length x width x depth): 32cm x 29cm x 3.75cm Interior dimensions (length x width x depth): 26cm x 26cm 3cm
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BrandLe Creuset
le-creuset-rangeNon-Stick Bakeware
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