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Furi Knife Block Set 6 Piece

R3,299.00 R2,969.10

Beautiful in any modern trendy kitchen, a must have!Designed for more than just a Sunday roast. Perfect for your Friday, Saturday, any day creations. A succulent salty crackling, delicate slow cooked lamb or BBQ Portuguese Chicken.
Designed to hold with precision & ensure the smoothest of slices.


Wusthof Classic Steak Knife Set of 4

R3,799.00 R2,659.30

The handsome knives in this four-piece set boast scimitarlike blades; their distinct upward curves work exactly like those of a butcher’s knife to help slice meat with ease and precision. Because they slice so efficiently, you may find yourself using these knives for other cutting tasks, such as slicing onions or trimming raw beef.