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Füri Pro Asian Vegetable Chopper 15cm

R499.00 R449.10

An excellent knife for Asian food preparation in particular – from super fine ginger julienning to chopping poultry and meat on-the-bone Chinese-style – this heavy-weighted chopper provides good leverage, also comes in very handy as a scoop and is a great all-rounder.”


Global Santoku Knife 18cm G-46


This bad boy will deal with everything you can throw at it. Originating in Japan, Santoku means “Three virtues”. That’s vegetables, meat, and fish – the three types of food most commonly cut in the kitchen. The Asian-type knife with broad blade and especially sharp cutting edge will prove popular with many cooks as the cutting process is smooth and effective.

Global Knives

Wusthof Gourmet Santoku with hollow edge 17cm

R1,350.00 R945.00

Styled after the Japanese Cook´s Knife this blade is just right for preparing not only fine Asian but also Western cuisine. The hollow edge creates pockets of air which prevent extra thin or soft slices from sticking to the blade.