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Eva Solo Dish With Handle


Eva Solo oven-proof porcelain dish includes a practical handle that functions also as a table protector. Gone are the days of having to hold a hot dish in your hand while serving. Hold the dish by the handle with one hand while serving food with other hand. Stylish and versatile rectangular dish for serving hot dishes both inside and outdoors.


Product Description

  • Ovenproof porcelain dish with a practical holder with functions as both a table guard and a handle when serving hot food.
  • An innovative solution which makes serving food easier and more elegant as you only need to use one hand to hold the dish so the other is free for serving.
  • Rectangular shaped baking dish with rounded corners; matches the eva solo collection of table, serve and bakeware
  • Stainless steel holder with silicone end covers; holder functions as both a table protector and handle when serving hot food
  • Safe for use in oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher
  • Danish designed around aesthetics, functionality, and quality;
  • Made in denmark

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