Romertoph Baker Maxi 8kg

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  • oven-, microwave- and dishwasher safe
  • with inner glaze (especially easy to clean)

Vegetables, fish, meat or desserts from the original RÖMERTOPF®: Culinary delicacies prepared in a tried and tested design.
The Original from
has been a preferred cooking tool for generations. The dishes prepared are not only delicious but also healthily prepared and can be directly served from the casserole dish.

  • 42,5 X 32,5 X 21,5 cm
  • Römertopf should be soaked in water for ten minutes before each use.
  • natural cooking in clay
  • cooking in it´s own juice
  • additional fat or liquids are hardly necessary, oil …
  • vitamins and minerals are retained, as much as possible
  • nothing can burn, the oven stays clean
  • the natural flavors of the dish are intensified
  • all dishes are prepared as if they cooked themselves
  • while Römertopf is in the oven, you have time to do something else
  • Römertopf adds elegance to your set table
  • Römertopf represents traditional and modern nutritional trends





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