Scanpan Classic Square Grill Pan 27cm 1

Scanpan Classic Square Grill Pan 27cm

Schumann Professionnel Black Grill Pan 28cm

The taste of food is preserved through the distribution of heat to a cooking without fat and glass cover. A method of manufacturing from cast aluminum that allows obtain a background of a thickness of 7.5 mm which ensures a uniform and quick cooking. It is composed of 3 different thicknesses each having a specific function. The handle is made ​​of silicone , which guarantees a long life, unlike plastic sleeves that get damaged very quickly and that are not suitable to go oven.
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  • This coating German "Greblon" offers the best performance and is guaranteed without PFOA.
  • With a non-stick liner stone known for its high strength and better heat distribution.
  • In Jumping stone and cast aluminum use non-stick coating Greblon Stonehenge.
  • Resistance up to 10 times higher than conventional non-stick.
  • Goes to the dishwasher.
  • Diametre- 28cm
  • All heat sources including induction
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