Euro chef Pasta Pot 20cm/4

Euro chef Pasta Pot 20cm/4.5lt

XD Diamond Stock Pot 28cm

XD Diamond Stock Pot 28cm

Schumman Pot Set 26pc

Schumann professional is the name of this German range of high quality cooking stone. With a smart design and high quality finish, that combines a non-stick interior coating for its high resistance and a cast-aluminium exterior coating, which provides better protection to the hob, increased grip and heat distribution.

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  • The stone particle coating of the pot is extremely solid, non-stick and anti-corrosive. Cook without adding fat, even with delicate foods like eggs or fish.
    Made from a mixture of alloys and cast aluminium, the base of this pot is dimensionally stable. The bottom of the pot consists of 3 layers, ensuring high resistance. The visible layer of GREBLON coating, made up of 2 sublayers reinforced with ceramic.
    Its PFOA-free coating allows you to cook with the peace of mind that no toxic substance is transmitted to your food. All their nutritional qualities are preserved.
    Suitable for all hobs (induction, gas & electrical) this pot ensures even heat distribution and perfect cooking.
    Thanks to the removable silicone sleeves which are non-heat-conductive, you can easily use the pan without burning yourself.
    By removing the handles, the dish is suitable for the oven. The glass lid allows you to safely monitor cooking, without loss of heat.

Consists of:

  • 20 x 8.9 cm (2.2 L) Casserole
  • 24 x 6.6 cm (2.0.L) Sauteuse
  • 28 x 7.5 cm (3.1L) Sauteuse
  • 24 x 6.6 cm (2.3L) Fry Pan
  • 18 x 8.3 cm (1.7L) Sauce Pot
  • 4 utensils
  • 3 stainless steel knobs
  • 4 felt pan protectors
  • 4 oven heavy casting glass lids
  • 6 movable silicone handles
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