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The name of this model was not selected at random: Silk, designed by Peter Bäurle, has a sleek, pleasant feel, a silk matt finish and a soft, delicate shape that rests well in the hand. The slender shape, smooth transitions and curved handle ends of the monobloc knives are distinctive for Silk. Thanks to its numerous complementary items and cutlery serving pieces, the WMF Silk cutlery is perfect for festive table settings that accommodate many guests.
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  • Material: Cromargan stainless steel 18/10 polished.
  • Rust-free,
  • Dishwasher safe,
  • Dimensionally stable,
  • Sanitary,
  • Acid resistant and indestructible.
WMF Silk cutlery set, 30 pieces OR 66 Pieces Material: Cromargan stainless steel 18/10 frosted. Stainless, dishwasher-safe, dimensionally stable, hygienic, acid-proof and indestructible. WMF - 66 piece SILK cutlery set made from 18/10 Cromargan matt stainless steel. Set includes
  • 12x - Table Spoons12x-
  • Table Forks-
  • 12x - Table Knives,
  • 12x - Teaspoons,
  • 12x - Cake Forks
  • 1x - Pair of Large Salad Servers,
  • 1x - Serving Spoon,
  • 1x - Serving Fork,
  • 1x - Cake Server,1
  • 1x - Soup Ladle.
WMF - 30 piece SILK cutlery set made from 18/10 Cromargan matt stainless steel.  Set includes : 
  • 6x forks,
  • 6x table knives,
  • 6x spoons,
  • 6x cake forks,
  • 6x tea / coffee spoons
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